Meet Adriane . . .

580220_10100783324638198_1151319783_nSo I, Adriane, am the other half of Jolie La Vie.  The beautiful/interesting thing about us is that we come from two separate walks of life with regards to weight gain/loss.  Me? My whole life, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been overweight. me-at-12By age 13, I was 5’7”, 180 lbs, DDD/E cup and secretly depressed and sub-conscious about my body.  Can you believe that this pic to the left was me at 12 years old?! My weight has always been burdensome as I’d make significant progress and fall again and again.  With many failures, I’ve never given up on myself and I’ve had to learn to love myself regardless of my size.  However, with accepting myself, I stopped looking in mirrors.  By 2011 I had been in such denial that I hadn’t noticed that I weighed 310 lbs.  A photograph while on vacation revealed that I could no longer avoid the inevitable.189595_767918752758_4874208_n

So I decided to take my weight loss seriously and I had lost 80 lbs.  It was the happiest season of my life.  However, the season was short lived and I had slowly started to gain weight again.  By January 2016 I weighed 268 lbs and continued gaining.  I was diagnosed with PCOS and I learned how it affects my hormones and my weight and it left me feeling further depressed and deterred. Today, at 280 lbs, 30 lbs away from my heaviest weight ever, I’ve decided to take more accountability and action regarding my weight.  Together, my friend and I have decided to not only take control of our fat loss, but create a space where we, and others like us, can discuss and support each other along this journey.  Welcome . . .


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