My motivation 

I’m working really hard to be able to wear this summer 2017. My goal is to lose another 20lbs between now and May


27 thoughts on “My motivation 

  1. dtills

    Hi, You are doing great! And 20 pounds in that time frame is completely rational! So many people place these crazy goals on themselves and then are unhappy when it doesn’t happen-you seem to really have your head on straight, and if you loose a little less or a little more you are still winning the war!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out!

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    • jolielavieblog

      Thank you! I try to be as level headed as possible, I don’t want to be disappointed in the end but if things don’t go exactly as planned I will be okay. I didn’t gain this weight over night so I don’t expect it to come off quickly and however many pounds I lose is a step in the right direction

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  2. AskDaralynn

    Thank you for following my blog beautiful! I applaud you for posting this for the world to see. There isn’t anything wrong with it, but it takes guts to exposed your self to the web and social media. I am routing for you from Atlanta, Georgia. If we were near I’d love to have the pleasure of photographing you before and after. I’m a photographer therefore that’s my thing. Keep it up!

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