Staying Motivated 

Staying focused is not easy by any means. Today I’m in bed sore from working what feels like every muscle group in my body. I have increased my cardio over the last week and increased weight training as I’m not satisfied with the amount of fat loss I’ve had lately. When I wake up every morning I remind myself that I must keep pushing if I’m going to reach my goals. To some 15lbs over the next 8 weeks isn’t much and others feel like it isn’t difficult at all, but to someone who has struggled every step of the way with weight loss it seems impossible. Imagine following a strict diet, a work out plan meant the shred excess weight only to yield no results. Imagine the depression that comes from feeling like you’re failing after truly putting forth an effort and not reaping the fruits of your labor. That’s where I was and still sometimes am therefore I dangle this carrot in front of me every day to keep me motivated. To some, worrying about fitting into a swim suit is vain however being able to wear this means I’m getting back to my old fit self. 



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