Is Working Out Really Worth It?

This is a question that people have asked me personally and I felt the need to address it. While participating in a post on a weight loss support group that I belong to, a woman sent me a message saying that I should just lose all of the fat that I would like to by diet alone because exercising at this point is not going to do me much good because I still have another 35lbs to lose. I was dumbfounded as I read and reread this sentence. I could not understand why a person would try and discourage another person from exercise while trying to lose weight. So I took this opportunity to break it down to her.

Exercise is good for everyone……. I will say it again EXERCISE IS GOOD FOR EVERYONE!

The point when trying to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit and two ways to do so are to (1) cut calories and eat healthier foods and (2) EXERCISE! I explained to her that cardiovascular exercises will help burn calories during the workout and that weight training will not only increase your heart rate and burn calories while doing so, but it will also burn calories once you are finished exercising. She still did not want to hear it, so I continued to explain to her that losing weight by diet alone would only end up creating a smaller version of my jiggly self which I was not after. She informed me that women only put on .5 of weight per month, therefore I would not be toned up by the time I lost all of the weight I am striving to lose. In an attempt to educate her I told her how losing weight without resistance training leads to not only the loss of fat but muscle as also; I was then told to lift weights after I lose fat to tone up. At this time, I told her to have a great day and backed away from the conversation.

I was not able to comprehend why someone would put up a defense as to why a person shouldn’t exercise while trying to lose weight but I’m just going to continue doing what I’m doing since it’s working for me so yes it is worth it!

4 thoughts on “Is Working Out Really Worth It?

  1. TheresaBarker

    Hi Jolie La Vie! (Great name for a blog, by the way!) I like how, in this post, you described your own thought process about reacting to a negative and non-listening interaction. People have all kinds of reasons for non-constructive communication, and I admire how you held to your own beliefs but did not get drawn into her negativity. Kudos!

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  2. Karina Pinella

    Yes, working out is definitely worth it. I do burpees and weight training and climbing more than five flights of stairs (twice or more) every day. I usually work out after work, three days a week. As soon as I get home, I start my workout, watching whatever is on HGTV or the Food Network. Makes for a fun workout.

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