Feeling Good Today


When I woke up this morning I felt really good. I thanked God for giving me another day of life and a chance to get it right. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed because I have a ton of things to do so of course, I’m writing and procrastinating (I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t wait until the last minute to do things lol) instead of doing what I need to do. This week I decided to increase the amount of cardio that I’m doing each week to see a difference on the scale. I have been consistently losing fat and gaining muscle which is the best thing in the world, however, I want to see the scale decrease a little further. Yesterday I made a new personal best in the gym. I started off with a 4 minute warm up on the elliptical (then I just had to sneak in some weights on my cardio day) I went on to the leg press and completed 5 sets of 10 reps on the leg press with 270lbs which was no walk in the park but just to see if I could I added another 90 lbs for a total of 360 lbs and did another 12 reps! #PersonalBest I finished up with 35 minutes doing HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) on the Arc Trainer with the level at 18 which not only burns major calories but also helps to tone the hamstrings and glutes. So this morning I’m not just feeling sore but also accomplished and ready to tackle some HIIT when I get off work this evening. FullSizeRender.jpg

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