I’ve Stalled 

I’ve been working so hard trying to avoid hitting a plateau but I guess it’s inevitable so now I’m making more changes to my routine and adding other variables to my diet, hopefully in 3 weeks I can see some changes. I’ve made a collage of my progress so far to keep me motivated



17 thoughts on “I’ve Stalled 

  1. usathroughoureyes

    Keep up the work Jolie. You are doing it. We are soooo proud of your efforts. How has this journey made you feel. Was there anything particular that brought you to this point. You have a lot of determination and keep your focus and you’ll “unstall”!!!


    • jolielavieblog

      Thank you so much! This journey has taken me through so many emotions, from thankfulness to happiness, frustrations and everything in between. I think that focusing on weight training and my diet are the biggest contributors to making it to this point. I would much rather continue to build muscle than to just lose weight, I enjoy being shapely and muscles will help me keep my shape and also help to prevent illness in the future.

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      • usathroughoureyes

        You are an inspiration Jolie. You got the right attitude about this journey you are on and because of it you will inspire others. It is not easy. We found the muscle is a byproduct of the exercise…. first comes the strengthening of the frame to support the new body.

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      • jolielavieblog

        My goal for starting this blog was to inspire someone else. I don’t know if you read mine and my friends story or not but we both have struggled with our weight for so long. This is an outlet for us and I really hope I touch someone else along the way.

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      • usathroughoureyes

        You are and will touch many Jolie. We all like to feel part of success stories and you are forming just such a story. Others will look and say “if they can I can” and before you know there are a whole lot that when you get to heaven will come up to you and say thank you for giving me the courage to change.

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  2. Ellie www.newcreationsministries.wordpress.com/

    Ok so you’ve stalled and it’s not fun anymore. so make weight loss a game.

    Get graph paper and then create a reward chart. Block off how much you have lost so far, make each block represent a pound lost. Place rewards off to the side of the graph and for every few blocks and for every 3-5 pounds you lose you’ll win a prize. Start out with something you really want (NOT FOOD) and gradually increase the worth of the prize: nail polish, make-up, scarves, books, movies, jewelry, concerts, a trip, etc. Life isn’t meant to be drudgery. You’re competing with yourself with God’s help you can do this! The reward doesn’t simply represent a prize it represents courage, self-denial, steadfastness, victory! You can do this!!!

    Second shake up your metabolism by eating different foods, mostly water based, for several days, soups, garden salads w/ lean meat, juices, even a protein shake. Remember it’s just a gimmick for a limited time, but it might work. I’m here cheering you on.


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